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Great Lakes Avian Pest Control

Great Lakes Avian Pest Control was founded by Jeff Schukow in 2000. Since then, Great Lakes has completed over 50 successful projects.

What Makes us Special

Avian Pest Expert
Jeff has studied in avian diseases and non-lethal abatement since 2000 and is the domain expert for avian pest control in the midwest.
Program Success
All programs are unique to client needs and have a 100% success rate when abatement guidelines are followed.

"These birds carry over 60 different diseases and are determined to nest where they have before. Their droppings virtually destroy all roofing over time."

Jeff Schukow, CEO
Great Lake's Great Numbers

Some of Our Prized Numbers

Year Founded
Great Lakes Avian Pest Control is over 20 years old!
Blocks of Coverage
One Falcon Patrol Unit covers over one and half city blocks.
Successful Programs
Over 50+ successful programs under our belt
Origins and Mission

How We're Different

Jeff, our owner, saw a huge problem in his area with seagulls. Recognizing that RC aircraft, his hobby, could be utilized in abatement more efficiently than any other method before. Tactics were developed to deploy unique RC equipment. This equipment was developed before special permits were required for each site. At the advent of quad copters came these regulations. Due to this Jeff developed the Falcon Patrol Unit which eliminated the need for flying.

Since then, Falcon Patrol Units have been deployed throughout the western shores of lake michigan. From Milwaukee to Sturgeon Bay.  Units have been utilized year after year with little to no intervention required by Great Lakes Avian Pest Control.

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